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The Jazz-L Juke Joint

The Jazz-L Mailing List is a list like no other. We like to think of it as a virtual jazz cocktail party.

As one longtime subscriber put it, "...This humble salon of ours is unlike anything else on this fair planet. While the ratio of jazz to other discussion may vary, we do manage a consistency and level of chewing satisfaction of which we are quite proud, and this stems from the very fact that, unlike other lists on which one might get chafed for discussing anything even slightly "off-topic", our laid-back forum and the virtual and personal bonds which we've established have enabled us to achieve something more like a real conversation, with intelligent (or sometimes just silly) tangents diverging and converging just like they would in an actual gathering of like-minded intelligent people from diverse backgrounds."

For subscription info contactJacob Haller.

And don't forget to check out the fabulous Jazz-L Homepage.