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Sheri Margrave

Louisiana native Sheri Margrave,made her debut at the age of 11, with the New Orleans Philharmonic. A 1992 graduate of Stetson University she studied violin with Alvaro Gomez, protege of David Oistrahk. There she was co-concertmaster of the Stetson University Symphony and Chamber Orchestra. Ms. Margrave has served both as Concertmaster and as principal for many symphonies and chamber groups internationally.

She has also toured as concertmaster and soloist with the national companies of " Sunset Boulevard", "Evita", "The Sound of Music", "The Kiss of the Spider Woman", and many others. Highly in demand on the rock-and-roll stage, Sheri has toured as concertmaster, soloist, and recorded with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, Luther Vandross, and Natalie Cole, just to name a few. She is formerly concertmaster of The Orlando Symphony Pops, Associate Concertmaster of The Orlando Symphony Orchestra, and tours world-wide.

Deeply involved in the jazz field, Sheri has studied with famed jazz educator David Baker, and reknowned jazz pianist Harold Blanchard. She will be appearing in the touring show ,**"Four Generations of Jazz Violin", produced by Darol Anger. The touring show of jazz violin masters will place Sheri alongside jazz violin greats Darol Anger, Johnny Frigo, Joe Kennedy, Jr. and Matt Glaser.

In addition, Sheri is also a highly accomplished dancer, with many roles under her toes.

And in her spare (?) time, she is an avid scuba "diva". We feel, however, that playing the violin under the sea would prove to be a challenge, and the sharks wouldn't particularly appreciate it.

*Sheri's violin by Joseph Curtin and Gregg Alf of Curtin and Alf Violins.
*Midi jazz violin by The Zeta Company.
*custom-made 5-string electric NV violin by Eric Aceto-Ithaca String Instruments
*Baritone Violin by a German maker, who is long past and would probably roll over if he could see what's she's doing with it now.

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